Thorough Investigation Of Your Slip And Fall Injury  

A slip, trip or a fall resulting in an injury may have serious life-changing consequences. At QTMG, our lawyers through research are able to establish the negligence of a private property owner, an occupier, a business owner or a municipality. Our team is comprised of competent legal professionals who are thorough in their research and fact gathering, so as to produce the best possible results based on evidence.

There are many instances that may cause a slip and fall, including icy sidewalks, snow covered black ice, slippery floors, uneven surfaces, unmarked hazards, defective floor or stairways or inadequate lighting. But our personal injury lawyers understand that in order to help you we need to establish liability.

Our firm invests extensively in hiring professionals such as biomechanical and human factor engineers to assess the physical height of the sidewalks, curves or pathways to establish liability. You may not be aware of the possibly dangerous or hazardous conditions, where someone is responsible for ensuring that adequate safety measures are in place.

Common Slip And Fall Accidents

  • Slipping on ice
  • A fall at a residence or on a private property
  • A fall in a mall parking lot
  • An accident on an elevator or escalator
  • A fall at the airport, sidewalk, parks etc
  • A fall on the premises of a business such as a retail store, grocery store, restaurant, night club or bar
  • Construction-related fall accidents
  • Building fire services accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents

Call A Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer

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