Month: July 2014

What To Do When You’ve Been Injured in a Truck

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Getting in a vehicle accident, especially a large one involving a truck, can be scary and cause significant injuries and fatalities. If you are not seriously injured, you may still be quite shaken and confused after the event. Although the hope is that no one will have to go through this unfortunate situation, should you

Types of Personal Injuries to Seek Compensation For

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Have you been in an accident in the Ottawa area and sustained a personal injury? You may be wondering if an Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation for your type of injury. The good news is that attorneys who practice personal injury law are experts in all types of personal injury cases,

Common Summer-Time Accidents

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In Ottawa, our long winters and short summers mean we make the most of the warm weather by enjoying numerous outdoor activities. However, when participating in summer-time activities, there is always a risk you could be injured in an accident. Dealing with an injury is no way to spend your time during this glorious season,

Don’t Leave Anything Else to Chance; Hire an Expert

Almost everyone will be involved in some type of fender bender at some point in their life. These are usually minor and often result in no damage or very little damage to either the vehicle or the people involved. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky and many families are devastated by serious car accidents every

Tapping into the Knowledge of Personal Injury Lawyers

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Property owners across Ontario, including Ottawa, are subject to the Province of Ontario’s Occupiers’ Liability Act. This means they are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees and visitors on their property. Should they fail to do so and someone slips, trips or falls on their property, they can be held liable and be required

5 Questions You Might Have About Hiring a Personal

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1. What areas does a personal injury lawyer cover? The term personal injury can be ambiguous, so what exactly does it cover? Well it can include the following: Vehicle Accidents Slips and Falls Dog Bites Insurance Disputes Disability Claims Negligence Bullying 2. Product Liability Will they give me free lawyer advice? This depends on the