Month: December 2014

Peace of Mind with a Free Lawyer Consultation

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Unfortunate things happen in life. Slips and falls, dog bites, car accidents and work-related injuries can cause havoc and disorder in our lives. At times, even insurance claims are denied- exuberating the suffering and sense of injustice. The effects are more than physical. These injuries leave emotional and financial consequences and may even affect our

Frequently Asked Questions about Premise Liability

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Premise liability is the liability for any property owner or landowner for any loss, injury or harm on a property. Accidents can occur when basic aspects of property are not maintained properly, including structuring, floors and elevators. It is helpful to consult an Ottawa law firm to assess a premise liability case and determine who

Should You Speak to an Ottawa Lawyer about Your

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The harsh Ottawa winter has arrived, and it won’t be leaving anytime soon. While there are many reasons to dislike the winter months in this city, unfortunately, cold toes and frost bitten noses aren’t at the top of the list. Winter weather conditions make it more dangerous to get around, both on foot and by

How a Personal Injury Claim Affects Your Family

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“Have you or someone you know been in an accident?” We’ve all seen those commercials for a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa asking that question. Most of the time those commercials can go easily ignored, but there’s a real segment of the population that those commercials are actually directed to. Chances are you’re in the

Facts About Slips, Trips And Falls

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During the winter months, slippery, wet and icy conditions increase the chances of slips, trips and falls. It’s important to watch the weather, and be prepared for these conditions. Reducing the amount of slip, trip and fall hazards will reduce the chances of any unnecessary accidents. However, while this may limit your chances of any

Create A Good Fit With An Ottawa Law Firm

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Most of us do not require the services of an Ottawa law firm on an ongoing basis, but legal issues can crop up in anyone’s life, and often unexpectedly. It is in these sudden situations that having a lawyer’s advice or service is at the very least helpful, and most, critically important. Different circumstances call