Month: February 2015

Common causes of truck accidents

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You may hear about a truck accident or see videos of close calls between trucks and cars. Some drivers aren’t so lucky to escape unharmed. On Highway 401-Canada’s biggest and busiest highway-there are more than 100,000 collisions reported each year, according to a 2011 Ministry of Transportation report. Of these collisions, hundreds are fatal and

Personal Injury Law Firm Tips to Avoid Winter Injuries

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You probably don’t need a direct quote from a personal injury law firm to know that there’s an increase in risk of accidents during the winter season. Roads and sidewalks become layered with sheets of slick snow and ice, and can make the simplest walk from your office to your car a potential hazard. It’s

OC Transpo Related Injuries: Ottawa Lawyers

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Ottawa is a big city; if you don’t have the luxury of owning a car you’re probably using public transportation. Which at the best of times can be frustrating, time consuming and rather costly. If you’re not fortunate enough to get a seat on the bus then you’re usually stuck standing up; holding onto one

In Your Interest: Premises Liability and Your Property

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Those were the words my friend used when she told me what had happened to her on a cold, icy day in January many years ago. She and her friend were standing in front of a video rental store when, all of a sudden, she lost her balance, tripped, and fell heavily on the ice,

How a Personal Injury Claim is Assessed

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Experiencing personal injury, whether on a first-hand or second-hand basis, is a frightening event. Depending on the severity of the accident, the injured party may be entitled to compensation under personal injury law, in which case they would pursue a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, assessing damages in a personal injury claim can be difficult. In

How an Ottawa Lawyer Can Help With Bullying

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Our children are the most important people in the world. They are forever a source of love, companionship and entertainment as we see them grow from toddlers to independent, mature adults. Though raising a child can be a fulfilling journey, it can also be a lot of hard work. Even though there may be many