Month: July 2015

An Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer Discusses Water Park

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Which party is liable for this common, and often serious, injury? With Ottawa’s sweltering summer heat refusing to give us any respite, swarms of people have been heading to water parks for some refreshing fun in the sun. But amidst all the frolicking in pools, zipping down slides and excitedly running towards the next exhilarating

Ottawa Injury Lawyer Diagnoses Medical Malpractice

Ottawa injury lawyer medical malpractice

If You Have Been the Victim of Medical Error in Ottawa, Contact an Experienced Injury Lawyer Immediately It’s something that you never thought could happen to you. You’ve seen it on television dramas and heard horror stories in the news about people whose quality of life was severely impaired after a medical error. But you

Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa on Handling Bullying

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Just Because School’s Out Doesn’t Mean Bullying Stops, Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa Says No more pencils, no more books-school is out for the summer season, and won’t be back for most students until September. But just because the schoolyard isn’t as full and bustling anymore doesn’t mean that bullying is no longer on the

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer on Pool Parties

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Protect Both Your Guests and Yourself This Summer with the Advice of an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer With the temperature rising the further into summer we get, more and more pools will be seeing use. And the only bigger drag on an otherwise-fun pool party than a preventable injury is having to get an Ottawa

Tips From an Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer

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An Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer Guides You Through the Steps Following a Road Accident Winter or summer, rain or shine, one thing is certain: as soon as you hit the road in your vehicle you are faced with an innumerable amount of distractions, obstacles and of course-the negligence of other drivers. Indeed, no matter how

Ottawa Law Firms, Negligence Cases, and You

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Reach Out to Ottawa Law Firms in Cases of Negligence and Omission We have all had at least one moment in our lives when we felt wronged-whether intentionally or unintentionally-by a person or a business. Often when this happens, we never consider enlisting Ottawa law firms for help. This may be because we might feel

Ottawa Lawyers Discuss Product Liability

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Who’s Responsible for Product Defects? Ottawa Lawyers Weigh In Buying a defective product is surely disappointing, but buying a defective product that causes harm is much worse. But who exactly is responsible for these defects? And when should you take legal action? In Ottawa, lawyers see many types of personal injury cases every year, including