Month: September 2015

Distracted Driving: Ottawa Lawyers Clear the Air

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Your Local Ottawa Lawyers Want You to Know the Facts-And Drive Safely! Nothing should be more important to you than your safety, and the safety of your family or friends. And because the Government of Ontario agrees with that sentiment, tougher laws have been passed regarding “distracted driving,” what is and isn’t acceptable, and the

New Traffic Laws Explained by Personal Injury Lawyer

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Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act to Have Implications for Drivers and Cyclists, Say Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa New laws recently passed in Ontario will not only potentially increase road safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, but also include steeper penalties for those practicing unsafe driving habits. The Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act, which

Ottawa Injury Lawyer: Accidents Abroad

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Knowing When an Ottawa Injury Lawyer Can Make Your Case for Injuries while Travelling Whether it’s a trip you’ve saved up for years to make, or your semi-annual vacation in a warm, tropical destination, you want it to go well. After all, it’s your vacation-it should be special. Unfortunately, things don’t go always go as

Law Firms Foster a Dialogue About Bullying in Ottawa

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9 Signs That Your Child May be a Victim of Bullying at School Rare is the person who has not experienced bullying-aggressive, harmful, intentional (and relentless) behaviour that causes ongoing pain and distress. Law firms know better than most the staggering number of people who have struggled with being bullied at some point in their

Bicycle Accidents: Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

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If You Are Struck by a Motor Vehicle while on Your Bicycle, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa Is Here for You Riding your bicycle is not a risk-free endeavour. Every time you get on the road, you face the possibility of accident. Your own vigilance comes into play here-always wearing a helmet (and if