Month: December 2015

Ottawa Injury Lawyer on Limits to Suing a City

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Time and Liability Limits According to an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Suing a negligent party for damages is typically a very cut-and-dry thing when fault is clear and evident. When you have a slip or fall on a poorly-maintained property-and there is no reasonable excuse for the lack of maintenance-the occupier of the property can

What Ottawa Lawyers Want You to Know about

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If you are a business owner, it is important to know the risks of being sued by a customer who gets injured on your property. It is even more important that you know how to protect yourself and avoid property related liability so you can save your hard earned money instead of having to pay

An Ottawa Lawyer’s Winter Road Safety Tips

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It’s coming slowly, but winter in Ottawa will eventually be upon us, and with it will come snow and ice. More than ever, careful driving will be of absolute importance, for two main reasons. The first, of course, is your safety, and the safety of your passengers, be they friends or family. The second is

Ottawa Injury Lawyer Discusses Canal Safety

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The Rideau Canal that runs from the Ottawa River to Lake Ontario is not just one of our country’s great historic sites-it’s also home of the world’s longest skating rink. Every year, nearly eight kilometres (of a total 202 kilometres) beginning at the northernmost end are carefully converted into the Rideau Canal Skateway. This has

Product Liability: How Ottawa Law Firms Can Help

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In our consumerist society, shopping is a common occurrence. You bring home a new product assuming nothing is amiss, but sometimes that product may be defective or even dangerous. If you’re a victim of personal injury due to a malfunctioning product, you have the option to sue the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer – or possibly

Ottawa Injury Lawyer on Winter Safety

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As winter sets in around Ottawa and with snow and freezing rain on the way, the risk of accidental injury is expected to increase. In Canada every year, thousands of people are admitted into hospitals with injuries caused by unsafe conditions outside-and several thousand more due to winter-specific activities such as skating, sledding, and more

What to Do If Your Child Is Bit by a Dog

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According to Health Canada, the majority of injuries associated with dog bites are sustained in children aged 5 to 9 years old (29%). Not only do many of these attacks result in injuries that require stitches, rabies shots, and in extreme cases, plastic surgery, but they can also leave a child with mental trauma. The

Slippery Business: Advice from an Ottawa Slip and Fall

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Autumn in Ottawa is enjoying an extended stay, but there is no doubt that winter is on the way. The days are mild, but the evening and early morning temperatures drop, leaving a hint of what is to come next: slippery, ice covered walkways. Accumulation of ice and snow make it difficult to get around