The Right Steps to Take Following Truck Accidents

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Commercial truck accidents are serious matters. If you were involved in a truck accident or know of a family member that was recently in a truck accident, whether or not it resulted in a serious injury, you may be wondering what the next step should be.

This is a general guide for truck accidents and the immediate steps you should take following. The first step, of course, should be to taking appropriate care of any injuries you may have sustained. The second step should be calling an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. It’s important to have an experienced auto accident attorney to advise you on the correct procedures to follow. Here is a list of the correct steps to take following serious truck accidents:

1. Don’t Admit to Anything

When you’re speaking with the police about the accident you must be truthful, however keep your comments to a minimum. It’s important to limit your questions strictly to asking if anybody was hurt.

Things to avoid at the scene of the accident:

  • Apologizing
  • Taking full responsibility
  • Saying your employer will cover all costs
  • Saying things like – “I didn’t see you” or “You came out of nowhere”

These types of comments can be taken as confessions or admissions of fault. At this point, it’s still too early to fully determine fault, and early confessions can risk damaging your case down the line.

2. File a Report

You must report the accident to local authorities right away. Leaving the scene of an accident before the police arrive is a crime, and both parties must be present to file the accident report.

3. See a Doctor

It’s best to seek medical attention quickly, even if you feel fine following the accident. Often times you might still be a bit dazed or confused from the incident, or not notice a head trauma you endured. You want to be sure you haven’t sustained any serious injuries, and if you have, that they’ve been examined by a doctor immediately.

4. Notify your Insurance Company

Your insurance company is going to need to know about the accident as soon as possible. In your insurance policy you’ll find instructions regarding how to report a claim. It’s a good idea to review your policy to find out more about your coverage.

5. Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer

If you decide you would like to file a lawsuit, it’s crucial to have an auto accident lawyer begin the investigation process immediately. Their job is to investigate truck accidents while preserving evidence for the case. Your lawyer will then be able to coordinate expert witnesses who might be able to testify on your behalf about the potential negligence of a trucking company or its driver.