Will I be called as a witness in my personal injury case?

Will I be called as a witness in my personal injury case

The very simple answer is “yes”.  At some point you will be acting as a witness in your own case. However, do not worry! You are never acting on your own and you will not be required to figure it all out by yourself.   Your personal injury lawyer in Ottawa from QTMG LLP will be by your side explaining, guiding, and protecting you from any unfair or improper questioning. 

Being a witness in your own personal injury case is unavoidable. The case is about “you” and therefore you need to be heard from. When you think of the word “witness” you may only think about being in a witness box in a Courtroom, being interrogated by a defense lawyer attacking you with personal questions. It may surprise you to learn that you will be a witness in many different ways long before you enter a witness box. In fact, because a great many cases are resolved before they need to go to trial, it is unlikely that you will need to enter a witness box. 

In what ways can you be a witness in your own personal injury case? 

You are a witness through all of your medical records, doctor’s reports, physiotherapy reports, and all of the documentary evidence created as you seek services for health care, treatment, financial services. Your accident lawyer in Ottawa will gather these documents because they reflect the impact of the injury on your life. They witness the impact of the incident on your life, your work, your family, etc. 

Other ways that you might be a witness is through examination for discovery. This is a pre-trial process where you can be asked questions under oath by the opposing lawyer in the presence of your own lawyer and a Court reporter. This process is quite common and is nothing to worry about because you will be well prepared for the examination by your own lawyer. 

Another way that you may be a witness in your own case is through written statements and affidavit evidence. These sworn documents can be submitted to support your case and in some instances, you may be cross-examined on these documents.