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About Us

QTMG Injury Lawyers

About Us

At QTMG Injury Lawyers, our lawyers are compassionate individuals who believe in solving the problems of the community in which we all live. We work with our clients toward achieving realistic goals. We strive to receive the maximum compensation and financial support you deserve so that you have enough money to lead a comfortable life going forward. We ensure that you are comfortable and are well taken care of in different aspects of your daily life. We never stop fighting for your rights.

Our lawyers are resourceful as we hire professionals to provide expert opinions, such as doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, former police officers, forensic biomechanical engineers, toxicologists, actuaries and other specialized professionals, depending upon your injuries and circumstances and at no upfront cost to you. Our investigation into gathering crucial evidence starts the moment we are retained and we take extensive steps to protect your rights and interests. We start building a strong case on your behalf right away.

For your convenience, we offer in office legal services in five other languages besides English, namely French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish and Arabic. It is important to us that you are at ease when talking to us regarding any area of your personal injury matter, be it an accident, slip and fall, dog bite or disability claim.

Our Story

Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers, paralegals and law clerks serves the communities in the Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas. We have also successfully represented thousands of clients across Ontario.

Our Mission

Our personal injury lawyers in Ottawa are committed to solving the problems of the community we serve. We listen, counsel, and fight to get you justice and rightful compensation.

Our Values

Empathy and compassion are the hallmarks of our interactions with clients. We value our relationship with you and work to win your trust and confidence.  

Our Philosophy

We don’t charge you a fee until you win. You don’t have to worry about the financial costs of litigation or the processing of your claim. We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Let Our Experience be Your Guide

No Fee Until You Win

Our team has been serving the communities in the Ottawa Valley and surrounding area for over 23 years. Our policy is no fee until you win, so that you do not have to worry about the financial aspects while your claim is being processed.

Whether you are in the hospital, rehabilitation or at your home, we will travel to you anywhere in Ontario. One of our lawyers will discuss the course of action whether dealing with the insurance company, lawyers or the individual whose negligence harmed you.

Why Choose QTMG For Your Personal Injury Case

Matters of personal injury can get complicated and stressful, especially when dealing with pain, trauma and financial hardships. At QTMG, we recognize the limitations that you may face in your daily life while dealing with your injuries. We believe our role is to work toward solving problems for people that have been injured. We level the playing field against the large insurers, insurance adjusters, large corporations and large defence law firms.

It is your right to effective legal representation and you deserve proper compensation in order to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Our lawyers will help you make an informed decision as you go forward with your claim. QTMG’s diverse team of legal professionals will work diligently toward securing your future after a serious personal injury.

Our lawyers are trained in alternate dispute resolution techniques such as negotiation, arbitration, mediation and pre-trials. We offer our legal services both in English and French languages. Some of our lawyers also offer help in German, Hungarian, Polish and Arabic.

  • We offer a holistic approach to the practice of personal injury law
  • We are success and results driven
  • We have diverse experience
  • We are committed to integrity
  • We are focused on representing your best interests
  • We offer guidance on a regular basis
  • We offer free consultations
  • We have a no fee until you win policy

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