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Snow Mobile Accidents

Recreational Activity Injury Lawyers

Snow Mobile Accidents Lawyers are here to help and offer a personal approach to your personal injury case.

Recreational activities are common for the residents of Ottawa region and include riding snowmobiles. The use of a snowmobile is restricted to the winter months when snow and icy conditions are a pre-requisite. Even if you have taken all the precautions such as wearing a helmet and driving within the speed limit, an accident could happen. The injuries sustained by you as a result could be serious and in many cases catastrophic.

At QTMG, our lawyers understand what is at stake when an injury occurs as a result of a snowmobile accident. Our lawyers have guided several clients with a recovery plan which includes maximizing their compensation. This enables you to focus on your rehabilitation instead of worrying about the paperwork involved in the process.

Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge in handling a snowmobile accident matter. Some investigation techniques involve the following:

  • Any errors made by you or another snowmobile driver
  • Whether you were carrying a valid permit and insurance to operate the snowmobile
  • Whether you used proper safety equipment for yourself and other riders
  • Whether you were under the influence of alcohol or other substances while operating the snowmobile
  • Whether there were any manufacturing defects in the snowmobile
Snow Mobile Accidents Lawyers are here to help and offer a personal approach to your personal injury case.

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