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Bus Accidents

Public Transit Accident Lawyers Guiding With Compassion

QTMG Advise Public Transit Accident Lawyers Guiding with Compassion.

At QTMG, our lawyers understand that injuries sustained in a bus accident could be serious and sometimes even life-threatening. Whether you have suffered burns, scars, lacerations, whiplash, broken bones or any other serious injury, our lawyers can effectively evaluate your case in order to maximize your compensation for the injuries suffered due to a bus accident. If you sustained injuries based on any of the following scenarios, we can ensure you will be guided every step of the way.

  • Your injuries occurred on the bus while travelling as a passenger on the local public transit.
  • Your injuries occurred while crossing the road as a pedestrian and you were hit by the local public transit.
  • Your injuries occurred while riding a cycle or motorcycle.
  • Your injuries occurred while driving a motor vehicle.

Negligence Of The Public Transit Operator

Local Bus Accident Lawyers are here to help and offer a personal approach to your personal injury case.

Unlike cars, buses do not have seat belts that could protect you from a collision or a sudden stop made by the bus driver. For instance, in Ottawa, while travelling on OC Transpo, the operator may have been negligent due to distracted driving, impaired driving or for not taking proper precautions while in operation of a public vehicle. Our lawyers will investigate all possible reasons and gather evidence to establish an effective case on your behalf.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of legal professionals can help determine how much compensation you deserve depending on the circumstances in which you were injured. If you have suffered injuries while travelling on the local public transit, our lawyers realize that you need special medical attention and financial assistance due to lost income for missed work. Our firm can help you get medical benefits and income replacement benefits, which you are entitled to receive.

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