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Long Term Disability

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Long Term Disability – Accidents Lawyers in Ottawa.

The inability to work and earn a living due to an injury could be exhausting mentally and financially. To avoid such circumstances you might have long term or short term disability benefits through your current employer or have purchased privately. But when your claim is denied or has been refused to be paid in full, your best option is to hire a skilled and experienced lawyer instead of taking on the stress alone.

At QTMG, we are able to offer holistic guidance based on over two decades of knowledge. Our lawyers will fight for your right to proper compensation that you are entitled to, along with access to effective medical care. As your long term disability lawyers, every case is unique for us because your injuries will determine the outcome of your case. We are ready to respond to injuries that have healed, appeared to have healed or have healed but come back.

Insurance companies may deny your claim based on various reasons including failure to meet their definition of disability. Our lawyers are thorough and detailed oriented when presenting your case with evidence from medical experts to prove your disability. Injuries suffered range from depression, anxiety, back pain, chronic pain, severe arthritis and cancer.

Whether you live or work in Ottawa, Perth, Pembroke, Renfrew, Cornwall, Alexandria or Rockland in Ontario, our lawyers will travel to you offering compassionate guidance.

Long Term Disability - Accidents Lawyers are here to help and offer a personal approach to your personal injury case.

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