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WSIAT and the Mistake of Claiming to be an Independent Contractor

Generally, when a person is injured while working, they are barred from suing any Schedule 1 Employer for an injury that occurred in the chorus of their employment. In order to bar a worker from suing, many defendants bring what's known as a "right to application". This results in a tribunal to determine whether or not the worker has a right to sue.

License suspensions mulled for distracted driving in Ontario

The Ontario government plans on introducing a number of stiffer penalties for dangerous drivers, especially for distracted drivers and drivers whose carelessness results in bodily harm or death. According to the Globe and Mail, the new penalties would include license suspensions for distracted driving and a new charge of careless driving causing death or bodily harm punishable by heavy fines, jail, and license suspensions. The proposed penalties are in response to the fact that fatal pedestrian accidents in the province remain frustratingly high.

Family Law Act


Family is the most important unit in society ― people depend on their family members for emotional, financial and physical support. Losing a close family member is devastating enough, but when this happens because of someone else's negligence, those left behind can feel anger and resentment toward the person responsible as well.

Relatives may feel especially betrayed if someone has died needlessly in a hospital, under the care of medical professionals. These are the people who are supposed to have the training and ability to properly care for your loved ones.

The close family members of a person who died because of someone else's mistake can sue the at-fault party for the financial support they used to receive or expected to receive from the deceased. In addition to work wages, this also includes time spent on housework and caring for children.

Boating Insurance Coverage

18700107_10158692741290640_1919339139054643949_n.jpgAs the weather warms, Ontarians prepare to enjoy everything summer has to offer: swimming, kayaking, cottaging and the ever-popular boating. However, before taking your family members out for a cruise on the Ottawa River or one of our province's many lakes, ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage which will protect you from liability in case of an accident.

Even the most responsible boat owner can't guarantee that a mistake won't be made, and unfortunately, every year people are injured in Ontario in boat collisions. Many boat owners don't realise that insurance policies for boat operators often contain exclusions clauses affecting close family members of the owner living under the same roof.

A Car Accident Lawyer's Advice About Parking Lots

Japanese_car_accident_blur-658x278.jpgAs a driver, you are responsible for more than just being safe on the road, you are also responsible for the safety of the people and vehicles around you. Between highway driving, city cruising, and safely travelling through busy parking lots, there are many places where unexpected car accidents can happen. When accidents happen in Ottawa, Ontarion, it's important to know your rights and options. Here are some tips from Ottawa car accident lawyers that will help you know what to do if you've sustained car accident injuries or were involved in a parking lot accident. 

Driving Dangers In Ottawa


Ottawa Car Accident Lawyers Look At Accident Numbers And Solutions

When it comes to car safety in Ottawa, there's room for improvement. Though by and large, Ottawa might seem to have a good track record for car collisions, the numbers suggest otherwise.

Consider how often traffic delays due to a collision occur on the Queensway, or how often a busy downtown intersection is home to a collision. The call for car accident lawyers to resolve these cases remains unfortunately high.

Why You Should Invest in Travel Insurance


Travelling Overseas? How Your Ottawa Injury Lawyer Can Help You Have Your Dream Vacation

travelling abroad should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Ideally, you plan on your vacation being incident-free. You'll see the sights, get the rest and relaxation you desire, and have the trip of a lifetime. However, as you well know, things happen outside of our control, and they don't usually wait to happen when it's convenient for you. You can be injured while travelling. You may be the victim of a crime, or perhaps you may become ill. Travel insurance is one way to make sure you're protected, and an injury lawyer in Ottawa can help you navigate the insurance and claims process.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries


Summer Safety Tips from an Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer

Every year millions of people end up in the emergency room because of slips and falls. Knowing how to prevent these incidents is of incredible importance, and knowing where to go and who to contact when these incidents occurs is just as important. So let's take a look at common causes of slips and falls and talk about how an Ottawa slip and fall lawyer can help.

How Ottawa Lawyers Help You Claim Accident Benefits


If You've Been Injured in a Motor Accident, You Are Entitled to Statutory Accident Benefits

You have the right to claim accident benefits when you're involved in a motor vehicle accident. These benefits are called Statutory Accident Benefits, and anyone who suffers damages or injuries in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to receive them. However, there are important steps you must take to receive these benefits. If you've been in an accident, Ottawa lawyers can help you navigate the process.

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