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Product Liability

Experience In Product And Equipment Liability Cases

Experience in Product And Equipment Liability Cases.

With an ever-changing consumer landscape, defective product and equipment liability cases are at the forefront of legal discussion. Our lawyers at QTMG are knowledgeable and experienced in assessing the standard of care owed to you by the manufacturer, distributor, retailer or the designer of the product.

You as a consumer might not be aware of the dangers of using a defective product which has not met the ordinary safety standards. This negligence could lead to a minor cut or scrape or something as severe as choking, burns or even death in serious circumstances. As your lawyers, we ensure that individuals or companies responsible are held accountable for their negligence and you as our clients are offered a personal service from start to finish of your personal injury matter.

You Can Benefit From Our Experience With Defective Products

Product and Equipment Liability - Benefit From Our Experience With Defective Products

Listed below are a few common examples of defective products that our lawyers have helped our clients with and this list is not exhaustive. If you believe your injuries were caused due to a defective product, contact our office and we can discuss your case in detail.

  • Manufacturing defects in automobiles causing mechanical failure
  • Defective tires causing accidents
  • Design or manufacturing defects in electronic items such as home appliances or entertainment units
  • Design or manufacturing defects in toys making them dangerous for children and toddlers
  • Food items contaminated rendering it unsafe for consumption
  • Defective medical devices or implants, weapons, or cosmetics

Our lawyers at QTMG offer one-on-one attention to each client as they understand that each case is different and the injuries sustained by you are unique to your situation. Whether you are suffering from psychological disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or other physical injuries, our lawyers can help reduce the stress by dealing with the insurers and adjusters on your behalf.

QTMG also hires experts in the field to investigate the matter in great detail, ensuring all possibilities are explored for you to receive the maximum compensation.

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