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Whether you bike for leisure, to work or to your other daily appointments, QTMG, in Ottawa, understands and appreciates the importance of biking for your daily commute. But this activity is not without serious risks either from rash drivers, pedestrians or due to lack of dedicated bike trails, lanes and paths. No matter how careful you are or how well-equipped with helmets and other protective gear, bike accidents may cause serious life-threatening injuries which require great attention and care.

Helping Cyclists Back On Their Feet After An Accident

Helping Cyclists Back on Their Feet After An Accident
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Our lawyers offer compassionate legal advice along with specialized medical and financial help enabling you to get back on your feet. Bike injuries could range from minor cuts, bruises and scrapes to serious fractures, head injuries and even PTSD. Our lawyers can help you gain the best possible compensation for a variety of injuries.

Cyclists are commonly injured because of “dooring” and direct contact or collision with cars. Our team of legal professionals devotes time and money investigating your bike accident case. We hire experts such as accident reconstruction specialists, doctors, and physiotherapists for opinions that make your case stronger and effective. In certain cases, where the infrastructure to bike is poor or faulty, we hire engineers and former police officers for their expert opinions. Our lawyers are thorough and realistic, with the focus on getting you the best possible results.

Do not let your bike accident injuries inhibit your ability to enjoy cycling. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and offer individualized legal advice putting you in control while dealing with the unfortunate incident.

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