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Rules for Local Boating or Watercraft Accidents in Ontario

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Boating accidents can cause serious injury and result in permanent disability. At Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP, Ottawa Injury Lawyers, we have handled cases with horrifying injuries caused by boating accidents and have obtained compensation for injury victims and their families.  In many cases boating accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence: inattention, speeding, drunk

License suspensions mulled for distracted driving in Ontario

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The Ontario government plans on introducing a number of stiffer penalties for dangerous drivers, especially for distracted drivers and drivers whose carelessness results in bodily harm or death. According to the Globe and Mail, the new penalties would include license suspensions for distracted driving and a new charge of careless driving causing death or bodily

How Can I Increase the Chances of Winning My Next

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Improve your chances of winning your next case by following these recommendations from a personal injury lawyer Ottawa: 1) Document the incident: Write down in detail how you got injured. What did the defendant do that resulted in the accident? Take these notes right after the incident when the memory is fresh and include specifics

Useful Tips from Ottawa Lawyers

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How do you determine fault in a car accident? One of the most stressful things in life is being involved in a car accident. When the accident occurs there are a lot of things that can run through your mind after you’ve established that everyone is okay: should you hire an Ottawa lawyer; what will