5 Tips from Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyers

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Personal injury cases are often the result of negligence. Negligence occurs when a person directly or indirectly causes harm to another person through inaction, most often by failure to perform a duty of care. As a property owner you have a legal responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of guests on your property. Here, Ottawa slip and fall lawyers share five easy steps property owners can take to avoid accidents on their property that can be both injurious and costly.

Make Sure Your Stairs Are up to Code

Stairs, elevators, and escalators are all common areas to be found on accident claims. Ensure that you have the proper safety regulations in place that are required by local building codes. For example, you may want to remove a railing for esthetic reasons in your home, but for safety reasons, the Ontario building code requires a handrail on all flights of stairs with more than three risers. Failing to adhere could come back to haunt you should an accident take place.

Obey Local Bylaws

Bylaws are there for a reason. When followed, they can protect you, the city, and guests from both injuries and false claims. Scheduling the needed inspections, and installing safety equipment like signs and fences on your property, is a great first step to avoiding a visit from a slip and fall lawyer in Ottawa.

Clear Ice and Snow as Soon as Possible

Winter weather conditions-including freezing rain, snow, and ice-are the cause of some of the most dangerous and common accident claims in the Ottawa area. Scheduling regular snow removal for guests on your property and spreading salt, sand, or other ice melting will help mitigate dangerous conditions in the winter.

Maintain Your Home Regularly

Keeping the inside of your home in good condition is important too! From notifying guests of unsafe conditions due to repair or renovation to simply being sure to keep things clean and tidy can go a long way towards keeping both you and your guests safe.

Pool Protection and Maintenance

Having a pool on your property opens you up to a number of potential liabilities. It’s important that you have the pool area cleaned and maintained regularly. It’s also required by law that you have a fence or other enclosure around your pool. It’s very easy to slip and fall in the area surrounding a pool where water, chairs, towels, and other personal items are found. Having maintenance and safety staff on-site will also lower the chances of an accident.

Property owners that follow these 5 steps will be well on their way to avoiding accidents on their property. Negligence resulting in a slip and fall in Ottawa is a serious issue, especially if lawyers need to get involved. The result can be serious fines to cover the physical, psychological, and financial damages of the victim. It’s important to do everything you can to keep your property safe so everyone can enjoy it.