Don’t Slip Up–Call an Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer

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Icy Sidewalks and Slippery Steps Are the Principal Hazard of Winter in the Nation’s Capital

Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and the shock of an injury might make it difficult to think straight about what your next step should be. The winter months coat our city in ice, slush, and snow, increasing the likelihood of a slip or fall. Whether it’s you or someone you care about, on public or private property, here are some important details about how an Ottawa slip and fall lawyer can help after an injury on the ice.

If you’ve been injured after an accident on a private property, making a claim can quickly become a headache. A slip or fall injury due to improperly plowed snow, poor lighting on the property, unsalted ice, or any other hidden hazards can have a business or property owner deflecting the blame by citing your duty to mitigate, arguing that you should have been more careful while on their property. A seasoned injury lawyer will know better than this! The responsibility to create a safe environment lies with the property’s occupier, or to the person to whom the property belongs. If they failed to create a safe environment under circumstances where a reasonable person would have, the fault is theirs. In these types of cases, a lawyer can protect you from finger-pointing, and help you build a case. Dealing with an injury can take a lot out of you, especially in the dark and frosty winter, so why not let an Ottawa slip and fall lawyer take some of that weight off your shoulders?

Making a case for an injury that occurred on public property can be intimidating because you’re no longer dealing with a person-you’re now filing a claim with the city. Uneven sidewalks, poor security, or icy roads can lead to an injury that leaves you requiring time off from work or even a hospital stay while you recover. An Ottawa slip and fall lawyer can look after the case for you if you’re laid up, meaning they can handle going through the correct channels to hold the city responsible for a hazard in a public space while you focus on getting better.

The last thing you need after a slip or fall injury is to have to fight in order to get the compensation you deserve. Ottawa slip and fall lawyers are dedicated to getting you back on your feet after an accident by understanding property laws and using them to pursue legal recourse for your injuries. Winter is already hard enough in the valley. Don’t suffer needlessly after a fall because you weren’t sure what the next step was. Call a lawyer in your area and find out how they can pick you up after a fall.