How a Personal Injury Claim Affects Your Family

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“Have you or someone you know been in an accident?”

We’ve all seen those commercials for a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa asking that question. Most of the time those commercials can go easily ignored, but there’s a real segment of the population that those commercials are actually directed to. Chances are you’re in the segment because almost everyone has or knows someone that has needed to file a personal injury claim. But it doesn’t just affect the person it happened to though. Depending on the severity, it can affect their family too. Here’s just a few ways that a personal injury claim affects your family:

Financial Cost

Any legal proceedings tend to cost most than you want them to cost. Sometimes they can be relatively short if the claim is settled relatively early, but they can also be dragged out for months or even longer. The lengths of the proceedings are a major contributor to the cost. A good personal injury lawyer in Ottawa might be expensive, but in the end it’ll be worth hiring them to handle your personal injury claim.

Inability to work

In many cases, if a workplace injury has occurred or the injury is severe enough, you won’t be able to work. It can be a case where you can’t return to work until your personal injury claim is settled, or you physically can’t work because of the injury. If this is the case, it’s always a good idea to speak to your personal injury lawyer in Ottawa about your situation and what kind of assistance you can get. This is their business, so they’ll definitely have some good ideas of what can be done to help you out while you’re out of work.


Your injury likely won’t just have an effect on your body; it will also deeply affect your mind too. Depression is a major side affect of physical injury and can sometimes be worse than the injury itself. Emotional pain has been shown in many studies to actually worsen the perception of physical pain. Having a family member battling depression can be a weight felt by everyone in the family. Their mood affects everyone around them and can be a strong contributor to the emotional state of those around them as well. If this is the case, talk to your personal injury lawyer in Ottawa and they’ll be able to put you in touch with a professional that can help your depression.

A personal injury claim is a wide-reaching undertaking that has a tremendous amount of impact on the person filing the claim and those around them too. It’s rarely something that you’ll experience on your own and if you have a good support system, that shared experience can be invaluable.