How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist You

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When You Suffer Your Whole World Is Affected

Life usually follows a well-planned path, where we go about our daily, weekly and monthly business – ensuring that our daily affairs are met and taken care of. An injury, affecting our mobility, health and freedom can limit the fluidity of our lives.

Whatever the cause of your injury: a work- related fall, car accident, fire, dog bite or a doctor’s malpractice can affect us for many months or years.

Physical well-being

The chain of effects from a personal injury begins with the pressures it poses on our physical health. Slips and falls begin to affect not only the immediate body part injured; the effects on the rest of our body due to weeks of limited mobility and physical activity begin to deteriorate other body functions like muscles and organs. Not being able to work, walk or move freely can stagnate other body functions like the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. A leg injury can begin to affect one’s back muscles, leaving the patient with body and head-aches. A lack or exercise leads to poor sleep and eating patterns.


When a personal injury occurs and it is not our fault, many patients report a sense of reduced trust in others and the world at large. Often, the injury may affect the individual’s relationship with their work, neighbours or landlords. While seeking compensation and consolidation, a personal injury lawyer can help navigate and mediate between all parties involved.


Being out of work due to our injury often leave individuals in debt. Bills add up -exhausting reserves. To the surprise of many, insurance plans are limited in the injuries/illnesses they cover. Often patients are left out of work, worrying how to pay for professional treatments like: massage, osteopathy, psychologists and chiropractors. This is a catch 22 situation: needing the services to heal and recover, but not having the means to pay.


Sometimes others are left to care for the injured patient- while balancing their own responsibilities. When patients don’t work, many are stressed with their inability to care for their loved ones. Relationship dynamics can be tested- and lead to both good and bad outcomes.

Mental Well-Being

Injured individuals, already suffering physically, are burdened with finance pressures, an inability to return to work, family and relationship strains. Small business owners, for instance, simply can’t leave their businesses; this pressure to keep their professional and financial world intact while healing the body can slow down healing. The result is more stress on an already taxed mind and body. Sometimes insurance claims are denied, leaving the individual in limbo and a sense of indignation. Few states are more stressful then being denied a claim that rightfully needed to be compensated.

Healing physically and mentally is a process. It is important to have a solid social and professional support network to get through the long winded recovery process of a personal injury. If ever in one’s life there was a time, now is the time to reach out and accept help.