Ottawa Injury Lawyer on Winter Safety

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As winter sets in around Ottawa and with snow and freezing rain on the way, the risk of accidental injury is expected to increase. In Canada every year, thousands of people are admitted into hospitals with injuries caused by unsafe conditions outside-and several thousand more due to winter-specific activities such as skating, sledding, and more adventurous activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Ottawa injury lawyers are here to help you, should you be injured due to unsafe conditions, negligence, or any other civil wrongdoing the best solution is still always awareness and preparation. Here are some of the most common injuries that happen in Ottawa during the winter:

Sledding and Tobogganing

If you live in Ottawa, then congratulations-you live in a city where sledding is still legal, after having been banned in many cities across Ontario. But when you take to one of the city’s 57 approved sledding hills, remember to keep safety in mind.

Skating on the Rideau Canal

As the Rideau Canal freezes over, ice skaters will be hitting the famous and historic skateway in droves. The absolute best safety precaution on the ice is a helmet-accidents can happen quickly, and many fall face-first, so hockey-style helmets are typically the best choice. Children should also not skate without adult supervision.

Slips and Falls on Slippery Surfaces

You might think that skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sports enthusiasts make up the majority of seasonal injuries admitted into hospital, and you’d be forgiven for that assumption as it seems only natural. The truth is, however, pedestrians are no less dangerous-slips and falls tend to hospitalize more Canadians than winter sports. According to figures from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, in 2010-2011, 7,138 people were admitted to hospitals after falling on ice. Approximately 70% of these people were 50 or older, and 56% were women.

So how can you avoid a dangerous slip and fall? Ottawa injury lawyers remind you that while upkeep and maintenance of safe property is the responsibility of the occupier or city (depending on the property), it’s also possible to mitigate the risk of injury. Wear boots that have good traction, remember to salt or sand icy areas on your own property or residence (you are, after all, responsible for your visitors), and avoid stepping on terrain that you’re uncertain of.

If you are injured this winter and don’t know who to turn to, an Ottawa injury lawyer will be glad to help you and discuss your options.