Peace of Mind with a Free Lawyer Consultation

free lawyer consultation with couple

Unfortunate things happen in life. Slips and falls, dog bites, car accidents and work-related injuries can cause havoc and disorder in our lives. At times, even insurance claims are denied- exuberating the suffering and sense of injustice. The effects are more than physical. These injuries leave emotional and financial consequences and may even affect our interpersonal relationships, as stress and our sense of control over our lives become distorted. Our families also suffer. We may have many questions after a personal injury. Is this my fault? Could this have been prevented? How do I move forward? Can I win this case? Who can I trust? Knowing where to turn and the direction to take in these circumstances is the difference between staying stuck and moving forward in our lives. 

Before any decision is taken it is important to look at our options. A lawyer’s consultation is advised. Fortunately, many reputable personal injury law firms offer free lawyer advice.

But is a free lawyer consultation really free?

Yes- it is. A free lawyer consultation benefits both the potential injured client and the law firm.

First, it gives the potential client options and helps them understand their rights, so that they can decide how to move forward.

Second, it clarifies the injury and accident. This assessment helps the law firm understand what it can offer the client.

Third, it presents to the clients the strength and weaknesses of their case. This presents a realistic and transparent outlook of winning the case. This way the client will understand the length of proceedings and odds of winning before proceeding.

Four, it helps establish if there is a “fit” between the client and law firm. The client will get a sense for the law firm’s experience, confidence and success with this type of litigation. Often the client will have a “gut feeling” if they would like to work with this law firm, based on the level of communication, trust and confidence established.

Proceeding litigation in a personal injury case can be intimidating, perplexing and even overwhelming. In the face of physical pain, which can be emotionally and financially burdening, equipping oneself with knowledge and a network of legal and social support can help one get through the ordeal. Many clients of personal injury cases find themselves relieved after understanding their options; leaving them able to focus on reestablishing back the equilibrium into their lives. This peace of mind, honesty and reassurance is priceless- it’s where the real healing begins.