Personal Injury Law Firm Tips to Avoid Winter Injuries

personal injury law firm guy falling

You probably don’t need a direct quote from a personal injury law firm to know that there’s an increase in risk of accidents during the winter season. Roads and sidewalks become layered with sheets of slick snow and ice, and can make the simplest walk from your office to your car a potential hazard. It’s common for individuals to be rushed to the hospital for fall-related accidents during the winter. Also, having to contact a personal injury law firm for to submit an accident claim on a fracture related to slips and falls occurs more frequently during winter more than any other season. Winter injuries include much more than just fractures or broken bones, there are many more serious injuries that require individuals to seek council from their personal injury lawyer in Ottawa; for instance, spinal cord injuries and serious brain injuries. According to research, roughly 1.7 million people endure brain injuries every year due to slips and falls. Although a majority of these cases are marked as less severe injuries like concussions, a large number of these accidents lead to serious injuries that may eventually lead to permanent disability. 

Here are some tips to reduce your chances of experiencing a slip and fall accident this winter:

  • Refrain from running on sidewalks or walking briskly. Try to avoid sudden shifts in your direction when walking this winter season.
  • Invest in some appropriate winter foot wear. Your winter boots should come designed with high traction and offer comfortable support – save your fashionable boots for the fall season.
  • Most importantly, try and abstain from any unwarranted distractions while walking on slippery sidewalks. Avoid texting and browsing through social media apps while walking this winter season.

Personal injury lawyers in Ottawa have seen their fair share of winter-related accidents lawsuits. With an increase in slip and fall accidents solely due to the harsh winter weather we experience here in Ottawa, it’s no wonder personal injury law firms are hoping to educate the public on all legal rights and options available to them – in the unfortunate case an accident or injury. There many important factors to note about this type of injury from a legal standpoint, that is why it’s always best to first speak with your personal injury lawyers in Ottawa when you or a loved one suffers from a slip and fall accident this winter.