Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa on Handling Bullying

personal injury lawyer Ottawa deals with bullying

Just Because School’s Out Doesn’t Mean Bullying Stops, Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa Says

No more pencils, no more books-school is out for the summer season, and won’t be back for most students until September. But just because the schoolyard isn’t as full and bustling anymore doesn’t mean that bullying is no longer on the table, as a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa will be quick to remind you. Those intent on harassing others have access to means outside the classroom, and it’s important to recognize bullying when it happens outside of school.

What is Bullying?

In its most basic form, bullying is any aggressive and repeated act by one person against another wherein harm or distress-whether physical, psychological, or emotional-is either intended or may be a result. In Ontario’s Accepting Schools Act, it is also outlined that typically, the aggressor holds a position of real or perceived power over their victim, whether in terms of physical factors like strength, size, and age, or social factors such as class, race, gender, orientation, et cetera.

Recognizing Cyber-Bullying

One of the most important details in the Accepting Schools Act is that its definition of bullying included “bullying by electronic means”-a new avenue of harassment that has become more prevalent thanks to the advent of instant messaging and social media. This includes using the internet to stalk and harass another person, degrading and humiliating them, unauthorized use of a person’s name, identity, or likeness, and any other online behaviour that could be harmful. These new definitions empower you to take action with your personal injury lawyer in Ottawa against these new avenues of bullying and harassment.

Bullying at Work

As summer rolls around, many older students will be getting their first jobs, and with it a sampling of adult responsibilities. While work and school are very different experiences, aggressive behaviour can happen anywhere, and bullying can happen in your child’s place of employment in the form of workplace harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, and any other behaviour directed at your child that creates a hostile or unsafe work environment. Make sure your child becomes familiar with their workplace harassment policy, and that they know who to speak to-supervisor, manager, union representative, or otherwise-if they find themselves on the receiving end of such harassment.

If you or your child has been harmed or caused undue psychological distress as a result of bullying at school, online, or in the workplace, know your rights. There are laws in place designed to protect you, and a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa can advise you if you are unsure of what action to take. You don’t have to suffer in silence.