Stages of Your Personal Injury Case

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Ottawa Lawyers Discuss the Importance of Seeking Legal Advice at Every Stage of a Personal Injury Case.

After attaining the necessary medical care and documenting your injuries following an accident, it’s important to seek legal advice that you trust. Don’t assume that legal advice is a one-time deal, though. There are many stages to a personal injury case and your Ottawa lawyers are the experts you can trust from start to finish.

Getting Started: Meeting with Your Attorney

Make an appointment to sit down with your lawyer to discuss the details of your case. It’s important that you work with someone who you are comfortable with. Your lawyer will listen to all the details of your case and ask the appropriate questions. A personal injury lawyer will have the expertise and know-how to find the best solution, and will be able to file all relevant court papers to get your case started.

Investigation and Evaluation

Your Ottawa Lawyers understand the importance of details when it comes to collecting all the necessary evidence for your case. At this stage, all documentation and evidence is collected to perform a thorough evaluation. This will include interviews of yourself and those involved. Your lawyer knows that it could be difficult for you to talk about what happened to you. They will make sure you are comfortable and secure while collecting this information.

Pre-Trial Resolutions

Many cases are resolved without a trial. After evaluating the evidence, your team of Ottawa lawyers may decide to motion for a pre-trial resolution, or attempt to reach a settlement with the defendant’s lawyers. The majority of personal injury claims are in fact resolved through settlements.


Though many cases never make it to trial, it’s still the image most often associated with lawyers-thanks in part to television and movies! However, if your case does make it to trial, you will see the immediate benefit of professional legal counsel. Your lawyer has experience presenting evidence and building cases in this environment, and will represent you well.

Collecting on a Judgement and Appeals

Winning at trial might feel like the end, but winning your case is often just the beginning of a new stage that requires additional work. The debtor you are collecting from may refuse to pay or may not be able to pay. If this happens to you, then your lawyer will be able to take the appropriate steps to collect the money you are owed. Likewise, if you want to challenge a decision or judgment, it is important to retain legal advice going forward.

Your personal injury case will require an array of experience, knowledge, and expertise to gain the best outcome for you. Your Ottawa lawyers are there for you at every stage of your case.