Top 10 Myths About Personal Injury Law

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What You Need To Know

Know the facts and your rights! Your local Ottawa law firm is highlighting ten of the most common personal injury law myths to help you be better informed:

Myth 1: Every Lawyer Requests a Retainer Up-Front

There are many law firms in Ottawa that work on the basis of contingency fees. This means you will be invoiced for legal services only if your claim is successful.

Myth 2: My Lawyer Is Able to Predict the Amount of Money I’ll Get

If you are being promised an exact sum, it’s simply not true. Lawyers may be able to give you a rough estimate, but the value of your particular case is influenced by many factors.

Myth 3: Going to Court Is Mandatory

Did you know that most personal injury cases don’t go to trial? Your lawyers will try to reach settlement through mediation meetings and discussions in order to avoid a trial.

Myth 4: Only One Lawsuit Is Allowed Per Accident

This math equation does not apply to personal injury cases. As you may learn during a free lawyer consultation, a single accident might result in multiple lawsuits.

Myth 5: There Is No Pressure to Sue Right Away

As per Ontario law, there is a statute of limitations, which in most cases is two years. For best results, it’s recommended that you book your initial free lawyer consultation as soon as you are able to following a accident.

Myth 6: Hiring a Lawyer Is Not Necessary

While it may be tempting to accept a settlement offer from the insurance company, be careful. It is best practice to involve a lawyer who’s willing to fight for your right to fair compensation, as insurance companies may attempt to avoid paying you what you’re entitled to.

Myth 7: I Will Get the Opportunity to Settle My Case at a Later Date

Once a case is settled, the decision is usually final, and the success of an appeal is not guaranteed. Hence, think twice before accepting the first offer that is presented to you. Consult with your lawyers prior to making a decision.

Myth 8: I Won’t See Any Compensation until Much Later

There is no rule of thumb, however most personal injury cases are resolved in a shorter timeframe. The exact timings depend on the case specifics.

Myth 9: Compensation Is Only Available for Physical Injuries

Legal compensation encompasses more than just physical injuries. Your life may be altered due to sleep difficulty, depression, anxiety, or other factors, and you may be compensated for lost wages or quality of life.

Myth 10: Personal Injury Claims Are Trivial

Most claims are legitimate. If you are the genuine victim of an accident, any law firm in Ottawa will take on your case and fight to secure compensation for you.

Don’t let the myths scare you off! Contact your local office for a free lawyer consultation right away in the event that you have been involved and injured in an accident.