What To Do When You’ve Been Injured in a Truck

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Getting in a vehicle accident, especially a large one involving a truck, can be scary and cause significant injuries and fatalities. If you are not seriously injured, you may still be quite shaken and confused after the event. Although the hope is that no one will have to go through this unfortunate situation, should you or someone close to you be involved in a truck accident keep in mind the following: 

  • Always take care of injuries first. If you or any other party involved have been injured, it’s best to call 911 immediately so EMS can send help as soon as possible. Even if you don’t think you have been seriously injured it’s better to be safe than sorry-victims often experience shock after a traumatic or stressful event and this can affect your ability to accurately understand the extent of their injuries.
  • If no one is seriously injured, you should still call 911 to report the truck accident. You’ll want to make sure you fill out a police report so there is a paper trail of the events. If the collision is with a commercial or an 18-wheeler truck, immediate response may be necessary.
  • Should you choose to consult Ottawa lawyers, they may instruct you to seek medical attention even if you appear to have no immediate injuries. The adrenaline and shock from the accident may be preventing you from noticing injuries that will present themselves prior to the truck accident. For healing purposes, it is important that you treat any injuries right away. It will also be important to identify injuries in case you need to claim them on your insurance and/or if you plan to file a lawsuit.
  • Notify your insurance company. If you are unaware of how to properly file a claim, give your insurance company a call. You may also want to review your policy to see how much of your truck accident is covered. If you decide to consult Ottawa lawyers, they may also be able to provide counsel through the insurance process, and make sure you receive compensation according to your policy.
  • Consult a lawyer. If you’re unsure of how to handle the situation or think you may be entitled to compensation for any injuries sustained, having good Ottawa lawyers assess the situation will ensure you receive any and all compensation. If you choose to file a lawsuit, Ottawa lawyers can also help build your case, by investigating other aspects related to the incident.