What Your Ottawa Lawyer Wants You to Know About

Different Types of Car Accidents and Their Unique Considerations.

Even though the weather is unusually mild for this time of year, you know that winter is just around the corner. You have prepared your car with snow tires, back up anti-freeze, ice scrapers, and even a bag of kitty litter to help get your vehicle out of a snowy situation. Your Ottawa car accident lawyer knows that the winter season can bring more driving obstacles. Since no two car accidents are alike, now is a good time to remind yourself of the different types of vehicle collisions and understand their unique issues.

Rear-End and Side Impact

The most common motor vehicle collisions are rear-end or side impact collisions. These often happen in intersections or other road junctions when drivers lose control of their vehicle or are not paying attention to what is happening around them. Road conditions compound these accidents with snow or ice coverage. You probably associate whiplash with these accidents but other neck and back injury is also prevalent and result in weeks of physiotherapy and other treatments. Additionally, rear-end or side impact collisions often require repair to your vehicle bumper, doors, and paint.

Head-On or Run off the Road

Similar to rear-end or side impact accidents, head-on or run off the road accidents can be affected by winter road conditions that contribute to loss of control. Also, driver distraction may cause a vehicle to leave the lane. However, these accidents can result in severe injury or death as well as property damage. Head-on collisions often happen at higher speeds leading to broken bones or concussion requiring major surgery.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Your Ottawa car accident lawyer knows that Ottawa is a city of people on the move. Even in the thick of winter, you will manage to find cyclists and pedestrians making their way around the city. Accidents between vehicles and pedestrians can be frightening. As a driver, it is important to understand the harm that your vehicle can inflict on pedestrians even at low speeds. Keep in mind that there are all weather cyclists in Ottawa who continue to ride their bicycle even in the snow. Although these collisions may not result in physical damage to the driver, the psychological effects can be overwhelming. Injury to pedestrians and cyclists can be life altering.


When driving on highways and in wooded areas drivers should be vigilant for various animals that may find their way onto the road. Of course deer are often a concern due to their size and ability to damage vehicles and cause harm to vehicle drivers and passengers. Keep in mind that with Ottawa’s lush natural surroundings, deer may even be sighted in the city. More unique to the surrounding area are the dangers of collision with a moose. These large animals can do heavy damage to cars and the occupants inside when windshield glass is broken and air bags may not deploy.

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Keep these tips in mind for safe driving this winter. If you do get involved in an accident, call your Ottawa car accident lawyer immediately for assistance.