Your Ottawa Law Firm’s Advice on Preventing Summer

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Who Better Than Ottawa Law Firms To Keep You Out Of Trouble?

Believe it or not, a significant amount there are of people who are afraid to host any guest (even good friends) at their home for fear of being named in a subsequent lawsuit should an accident happen on their property. To some, this may seem like an excessive reaction, however Ottawa law firms do know how often these situations actually occur-and it’s more often than you might think!

Summer is the ideal time to have a get-together in your backyard and, why not, maybe have a drink or two amongst friends. Unfortunately, all too often alcohol and negligence can ruin a perfectly nice moment in a matter of seconds.

So how would an Ottawa law firm advise you on keeping your home safe this summer?

Monitor Your Guests’ Alcohol Consumption

Be a responsible host and make sure your guests do not get too intoxicated to the point where they can be a danger to themselves and others. Guests who have had too much to drink could likely stumble and fall on furniture and injure themselves quite easily. Other situations involving alcohol can lead to tragedies which could have been prevented.

Of course, always offer to call a cab or to have a guest sleep over if your guest drove to your house initially.

Keep Renovation Areas Clean and Uncluttered

Summer is the ideal time to perform renovations around the house and Ottawa law firms will advise their clients to always ensure the areas surrounding their project is free of nails, debris and sharp objects. Should a guest or a tenant in the building you own step on one of these and get injured in the process, you may be liable for their suffering as well as for any potential loss of income.

Secure Your Windows If You Have Small Children

After a long winter, who doesn’t love the moment we get to open our windows to let the fresh air in? During the summer, it is extremely important for adults to monitor small children who are playing around areas where there is an open window.
Since adults cannot reasonably always have both eyes on a toddler or a small child at every second, Ottawa law firms suggest you invest in purchasing window guards or stops to prevent any risk of a child falling through a window.

Summer should be made memorable for all the right reasons-not because you are required to file depositions! As your legal advisor will tell you, prevention is always your best bet for a lawsuit-free vacation season.