Car Accident Lawyers Weigh in on OC Transpo

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As a car owner in Ottawa, you probably have many concerns; from road safety, car accident risks, parking and insurance expenses, traffic on the Queensway to maintenance and the rising costs of gas. Typically, Ottawa’s public transit system, OC Transpo, doesn’t fall into things to watch out for. After all, if you’ve been driving in Ottawa (Ontario) for a long time, you already know to look out for the big, red-and-white buses, especially during peak periods.

The top car accident and personal injury lawyers in Ottawa warn that OC Transpo’s planned service expansion, should be minded closely by local drivers. The plan, which involves implementing a new east-to-west light rail line, will ultimately result in large-scale traffic increases on the 417 and the 174.

On June 28 of this year, the transitway will be closed from Hurdman station through to Blair station. As a result, buses will be re-routed onto the east-bound 417 and 174. This may not make a large difference during non-peak periods, but because thousands of people commute from Orleans into Ottawa proper every day for work, this will create a dramatic increase in rush hour traffic.

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What does this mean for you? Well, increased traffic potentially means increased risk of car collisions and personal injury accidents, according to lawyers. Ottawa law firms that deal in traffic-related cases want to remind every driver to be more vigilant. As any personal injury lawyer will tell you, there is nothing more important than your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of the people in other cars around you.

The best defense against repair costs, legal hassle, and most importantly personal injury, is careful driving and following recommended safety precautions every time, from when you start the ignition until you reach your destination. When driving in heavy traffic, especially with road construction, buses, and weather factors, ensure that you pay attention to the cars and buses. Also, avoid anything that may cause a distraction such as eating, opening a water bottle while driving, listening excessively loud music, or looking for your phone.

If the worst should happen and you find yourself in a collision or other traffic-related car accident, don’t wait! Contact our local Ottawa law firm. A car accident lawyer from QTMG Law, can help you navigate the complicated territory of figuring out issues such as fault, and ensuring that if you or one of your passengers is injured as the result of the reckless driving of another, that you are compensated properly.

Without the aid of a car accident lawyer, you can find yourself stuck with a hefty repair bill and other possible consequences in a time when you just want life to return to normal again.

Remember, the most important thing is your safety. Be vigilant and careful when driving, especially if you find yourself dealing with increased traffic on the 417 or 174. And if you should find yourself in need, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of the QTMG Ottawa law firm and our team of car accident and personal injury lawyers. And remember, you don’t pay if we don’t win!