Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries

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An accident lawyer sees many workplace accidents, from many different occupations and of many different varieties. Some of these accidents and injuries arise from unforeseen circumstances, where little could have been done to prevent them. Many accidents, however, are avoidable. In Canada alone, workplace injuries have fallen from 50 injuries per 1,000 workers in 1987 to 15 injuries per 1,000 workers in 2010. By implementing safer workplaces procedures and staying informed, a measurable difference in safety is attainable, according to accident injury lawyers. 

Know the risks

Certain accidents are more likely in certain professions, and some professions are more accident-prone than others. Healthcare, manufacturing, and construction are industries that see more injuries that most others, though no workplace is without its risks. For example, someone working in a kitchen is more likely to sustain a burn injury than people in other industries. Overall, the hand is the most frequent area of the body injured, followed closely by the lower back. In Canada, workplace injuries are most frequent among young men than other demographics, but all workers should still exercise caution.

Prevention is the best defense

Accident lawyers are aware that some accidents are unforeseeable. However, work should still be done to make the workplace as safe as possible. Be familiar with policy and procedure, especially when it comes to operating machinery of any kind. Always be alert and mindful, and if there is a specified uniform or equipment, (e.g. non-slip shoes, protective gloves) use it properly. If you are unsure of the potential risks of a certain task, are see a potentially dangerous situation, speak directly to your supervisor. And if you are unsure that you can complete a task alone without the possibility of injury, an accident injury lawyer always recommends you ask for assistance immediately.

Know what to do in case of injury

Your first priority whenever suffering an injury of accident in the workplace should always be seeking immediate medical attention. Your local accident lawyer cannot stress this enough. Failure to do so may only exacerbate an already serious injury. Make sure that you are familiar with policies around workplace safety standards and liability. If applicable, file the correct paperwork through the WSIB and follow-up with your employer or supervisor to ensure that they do the same. If you believe that you are due compensation for an injury sustained in the workplace, especially one that prevents you from continuing to work, do not hesitate to contact an accident injury lawyer who can ensure that you are fairly represented.