Changing Technology and the Practise of Injury Law

Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP, personal injury lawyers Ottawa, is always keeping up with developments in the law and advances in legal technologies. 

The advent of portable electronic tablets, such as the Ipad as led to a radical transformations in the manner lawyers and law firms manage their client’s file. As we progress into the future, new technologies and software applications are springing up to assist lawyers with legal research, file management and the disclosure of evidence. These technological advances have also permitted firms to begin converting from the traditional paper based work environment to the “paperless” management of their client files.

The implementation of these new legal technologies is quickly becoming the norm in a profession that not so long ago was entirely based in paper. Below you will find 5 helpful legal apps which can be purchased and easily downloaded to your electronic tablet:

  • Jury Tracker: permits lawyers to remember and track jurors during trial. The apps allows the user to record the emotions, behavior, and habits of the juror record the jurors. It also allows the user to record information such as the age, race, gender of jurors;
  • TrialPad: this is a document presentation app that lets the lawyer deliver his client’s arguments without being hindered by the use of an easel, TV or whiteboard. The app allows lawyers to call up information, provide annotations and highlight evidence to emphasize key evidence;
  • Dropbox: this app permits you to synchronize your files (photos, videos, documents) across all of your programs. The app also backs up your files to the Dropbox website for easy recovery if your computer crashes;
  • PDF Expert: PDF Expert allows the user to retrieve, read and annotate any PDF documents;
  • Black’s Law Dictionary: Black’s Law Dictionary has been an indispensible legal reference for many centuries. It is now available to lawyer in format which gets rid of the hassle of carrying the bulky dictionary in one’s briefcase.

Although the legal profession is by nature inherently not environmentally friendly, the profession is striving to implement electronic based methods which will permit it to better serve our clients while being mindful of the environment.

Anthony Mineault is a partner at Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP. He has dedicated his entire career as a lawyer to fighting for the rights of victims of motor vehicle accidents. If you have any questions regarding your motor vehicle injury case, please call him at 613-563-1131.