Statutory Deductible in Motor Vehicle Cases

In Ontario, under the Insurance Act, motor vehicle cases were damages for pain and suffering are awarded under the sum of $100,000.00, a $30,000.00 statutory deductible applies. It is argued that the logic behind a statutory deductible is generally considered to be to deter modest claims by those with modest injuries.

In Van Winckle v. Siodlowki [2009] O.J. No. 4807 (S.C.J.) the court explained how the deductible should be interpreted.

In thesaid case, the plaintiff was awarded exactly $100,000.00 for general damages or pain and suffering. The court focused on section 267.5(8) of the Insurance Act which provides the deductible does not apply where the amount of non-pecuniary general damages “would exceed $100,000.00″.

Since the award was exactly $100,000.00, court held and clarified that the deductible was to be applied. To “exceed” means greater than, not greater than or equal to. As such, and the award of $100,000.00 reduced the plaintiff’s damages $70,000.00.

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