How Can I Increase the Chances of Winning My Next

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Improve your chances of winning your next case by following these recommendations from a personal injury lawyer Ottawa:

1) Document the incident: Write down in detail how you got injured. What did the defendant do that resulted in the accident? Take these notes right after the incident when the memory is fresh and include specifics from before, during and after the event as well as exact time, weather conditions and people present at the scene. Describe the behaviour of the person that injured you. Was he/she apologetic? Were you offered any compensation right then and there?

2) Locate witnesses: Was anyone nearby witnessing the incident? Find as many individuals as possible and immediately take their statements, describing what happened. Write those details down and make sure you receive the witnesses’ full contact information including addresses and phone numbers. A fact every personal injury lawyer in Ottawa reinforces-third party witnesses often prove vital should your case go to trial. Jurors tend to put more trust in individuals that are not directly linked to the case.

3) Take photos: Document the incident with photographs. Try covering the entire scene, from all angles, and focus particularly on any unsafe conditions. Ideally this is done without delay right after the injury occurred. If this is not feasible, try to return to the scene during the same time frame of the incident and, if possible, during similar weather and light conditions. Also, ensure to take photos of your injuries. Your case may not go to trial for months or years. Hence, these pictures can be very useful evidence supporting your claim.

4) See your doctor: As a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa we cannot highlight this point enough-visit your doctor immediately following the incident. Injuries are not always visible, but medical practitioners are trained to undertake the necessary tests. Most importantly, your doctor’s documentation may prove crucial at trial. Follow your doctor’s orders rigorously and request copies of your medical records for your files.

5) Keep records: Start a daily diary in which you record your feelings, level of energy, mood, sleeping patterns as well as any changes in your spousal relationship. While these are not hard facts, your emotional journey could have a significant effect on the jurors at trial.

Follow the above steps to increase your chances of success next time you endure an injury caused by others. For a free injury and accident assessment and to help you understand your rights and options, please contact your Ottawa personal injury lawyer today.