Is Your Landlord Liable for Slips, Trips, and Falls?

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Slips, trips, and falls can happen anywhere, to anyone. To many they’re little more than simple accidents. But sometimes, these “accidents” are entirely preventable. Very often, properties that aren’t properly maintained will have hazards around them that can result in some serious slips, trips, and falls resulting in serious bodily harm. In these cases, it’s best to contact a personal injury attorney to look into if the landlord of that property is liable. A personal injury attorney will help victims of slips, trips, and falls determine whether they’re entitled to any compensation as a result of the incident. If you’re wondering whether you should contact a personal injury lawyer, here are the main circumstances where a landlord might be liable for slips, trips and falls: 

  • The landlord was responsible for maintaining the property where the accident occurred
  • The landlord was negligent in taking the necessary steps to prevent the accident
  • Solving the problem that caused the accident would not have caused unreasonable expense or have been unreasonably difficult
  • There was a genuine injury
  • The landlord’s negligence caused the accident
  • The accident was reasonably foreseeable

These circumstances may seem very unlikely, but in many cases they are surprisingly common. The conditions of poorly maintained properties can be further exacerbated by snow, ice, defects in the structure, insufficient security, poor lighting conditions, and cracked sidewalks or floors. Consult your local personal injury attorney to learn more about some of the most common accidents that can occur as a result of these conditions.

“Negligence,” “unreasonable,” and “foreseeable” are important legal terms that can be difficult for someone without a legal background to determine. This is where a consultation with a personal injury attorney is a key step in the process. If you have been a victim of slips, trips, or falls on the landlord’s property, then you can be entitled to compensation for physical, mental, or financial suffering, medical bills, loss of income, and even loss of future income. However, in many cases fault can be an extremely difficult thing to prove. And should a dispute over fault occur, your claim could end up resulting in a potential trial. This is why it is important to refer to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident in question. They will work diligently to ensure that your best interests are served and your rights are protected.