What Your Lawyer Needs to Know About Your Car

car accident injuries

Car accident injuries are extremely stressful; they heighten emotions, cause intense anxiety and negatively affect your daily life. Every minute we spend on the road is spent avoiding accidents, but occasionally, they do happen. When they do, it’s best to find Ottawa lawyers who specialize in car accident injuries.

Once you’ve selected the Ottawa lawyers that are best suited to handle your case, you’ll see them for a consultation in order to go over the facts of the case. Some details may be more important than others, and some facts that you may consider to be completely irrelevant may actually be pertinent to your case. In order to ease some of the confusion, and to help you prepare, let’s go over a list of the things your Ottawa lawyers need to know about your case:

Before and after: Ottawa lawyers will want to know everything that happened before and after the accident. The events leading up to the accident and those that took place afterwards are critical details that cannot be left out. Anything that happened in that time period may have a large impact on your case.

Previous injuries: While it may not seem related to your current case, it’s wise to tell your lawyer about any previous accidents and injuries. Insurance adjusters may try to claim that injuries sustained from this accident are actually a result of previous accidents. If your lawyer is aware of this, they can prepare a proper argument to counter this.

Losses: Physical or financial losses need to be tracked, monitored and reported to your lawyer. Car accident injuries can range from emotional injuries to loss of income, and it’s best to keep track of everything lost, or even potentially lost. As a result, your Ottawa lawyers will be able to properly file claims in the right amount.

Broken laws: The lawyer-client relationship relies heavily on trust. If you were breaking any laws at the time of the accident, you need to be up-front and honest with your lawyer. If any laws were broken at the time of the accident, it can certainly affect who is determined to be at fault.

Having Ottawa lawyers on your side during a case dealing with car accident injuries can be crucial to obtaining a positive outcome. If they are given all of the proper information ahead of time, your lawyer will be in the best possible position to ensure a favourable outcome.