Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyers on the Key to Responsible

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As a Responsible Dog Owner, Always Keep Dog Bite Liability in Ontario in Mind

Taking the leap to become a dog owner can turn feelings of anxious excitement into full blown joy once one gets to learn about and fall in love with their furry friend. There are few things in life that bring more joy than seeing a dog speed around a park, tail wagging in hot pursuit of a Frisbee or ball, ready to bring it back to their owner for another throw. The dog may even stop along the way to greet other dogs and their owners.

What many tend to forget during these loving times is that dogs are primal creatures and are capable of acts of violence that would betray their docile demeanor. Dog bites occur more frequently than any owner would like to admit, and with this frequency comes the risk of endangering not only those just passing by, but also those who care deeply for the dog. In the event of a dog bite, it is always prudent to seek medical attention, if required, and to consult with an Ottawa dog bite lawyer.

An Ottawa dog bite lawyer will let you know that, under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act (DOLA), the owner of the dog is liable for damages resulting from a bite or attack by the dog on another person or domestic animal. R.S.O. 1990, c. D.16, s. 2(1).

Under this act, the owner of the dog may be ordered to confine the dog to their property, restrain the dog by means of a leash or muzzle, or post warning signs on their property. While these efforts may prevent another individual from being bitten or attacked, there are steps that a responsible dog owner can take to mitigate the risk of their dog biting or attacking others.

Not only known by Ottawa dog bite lawyers, here are some basic tenets that any responsible dog owner should learn to abide by:

  • Take your dog to class. This will introduce and reinforce your dog to basic commands, as well as endear a stronger relationship between the dog and its owner.
  • Teach your dog basic commands. This is to alert the dog of where it should be and what it should be doing at any given time.
  • Socialize your dog. Bring it to social areas (parks, tracks etc.) so that it may gain a familiarity with having other people and pets around.
  • Supervise play with children. While your dog may be child-friendly, there are many children that do not play friendly with dogs.

Following these tenets will give you a more full understanding of your dog and allow you to better judge situations it may get into. If you are bitten or attacked by a dog, please contact an Ottawa dog bite lawyer and seek the help you deserve.