Ottawa Lawyers Identify Acts of Omission

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If you’re involved in a case where negligence or omission is involved, chances are you’re feeling frustrated and betrayed. You’ve put all your trust and confidence in a professional or to do their job efficiently and properly and you’re now left with the feeling of nowhere to go and not knowing what to do. A professional team of renowned Ottawa lawyers can help identify and explain different acts of omission and help you develop a strong case and get the compensation you deserve. 

What qualifies as an act of omission?

In the criminal law, an act of omission is when there is a failure to perform an act or duty that has been agreed on. This can include leaving out words or important information in a contract, neglecting to give the proper health care needed to a patient or neglecting to deal with a problem involving bullying or harassment. Whether it’s an accident that has left you physically injured or negligence that is affecting you or a member of your family mentally, an Ottawa lawyer can help identify negligence and build you case.

How to identify negligence or omission?

Ottawa layers are experienced professional that deal with cases involving neglect often. If you’ve been injured and feel as though you’ve not been provided with the proper compensation, chances are you’re involved with an act of omission.

Several cases that come through the offices of Ottawa lawyers involve medical malpractices, physical or mental abuse with to a child at school and products or services that have caused bodily harm to an individual or a member of their family. If you feel like you fall under one of these categories, a lawyer can help you identify the issues at hand and build a case that will get you compensated.

What steps can be taken to resolve a case of neglect?

An Ottawa lawyer will work with you every step of the way through your case. The most important thing is that you’re honest and open with the information you provide. The best place to start to is to book a free consultation to discuss your case and to get started immediately. Cases involving neglect and omission can be frustrating, but a trusted team of Ottawa lawyers have the expertise and experience to support your case every step of the way.

From booking your consultation to getting you the compensation you’ve been waiting for, your lawyer will be there to support from the beginning to the very end.