Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa Defend Disability

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If Your Disability Insurance Claim Has Been Denied, Contact an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve developed a disability or medical condition that has prevented you from being able to work, your first instinct would not likely be to contact a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa-especially if the impairment was not the result of an accident where another party was clearly at fault. If you have insurance that covers disabilities, you would instead first file a claim with them, in the hopes that they will help you through the difficult time that you’re facing. After all, that is why disability insurance-whether bought privately or provided by an employer-exists. In an ideal world, the process would end here, and you would be provided for as per the insurance contract.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to deny a disability claim, for a number of reasons. The thing about insurers is that they are still companies, and like any other they often make their bottom line their priority. This means that if they can find a reason-however flimsy, in the case of more disreputable companies-to deny you, they will. Now you may want to contact your lawyer.

Unlike an ODSP claim, which is Ontario’s government assistance program for people unable to work due to a disability, the appeals process offered by many insurers can quickly become a quagmire, as you try to take on a body much larger than yourself and make it budge on its decision. Now it’s time to contact one of Ottawa’s personal injury lawyers to represent you.

In insurance disputes, unlike many other legal disputes, there is one particular factor working to your advantage: you have a contract with your insurer. While each contract is different, they typically stipulate that should you find yourself medically unable to work, you should be compensated with a predetermined income for a predetermined period of time.

A good lawyer will present your claim, collecting expert testimonies from physicians who can confirm that you are, in fact, medically unable to perform the duties of your job. By proving beyond any doubt that your disability or conditions prevents you from working, and that it was not a known pre-existing condition at the time that you signed your contract, your lawyer can build a strong case that your insurer is in breach of its contract with you. Where before you felt overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to make this company budge in its position, now you can feel confident, having evidence, testimonies, and the law on your side.

No one should be denied the right to support themselves. If your disability insurance provider has denied your legitimate claim, contact a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa who will win your case and help ease your transition to living with your disability.