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Can I Be Sued if Someone Falls on My Rented Property?

Can I Be Sued if Someone Falls on My Rented Property

“Can a tenant can be held liable to someone who falls and was injured on their rented property?” This was the central issue in a recent Superior Court of Justice decision of Mohebbi v. Yassobi et al., 2021 ONSC 2395 (CanLII). In this case, the tenant’s friend slipped and fell on the ice while visiting

Rules for Local Boating or Watercraft Accidents in Ontario

Boating accident lawyer

Boating accidents can cause serious injury and result in permanent disability. At Quinn Thiele Mineault Grodzki LLP, Ottawa Injury Lawyers, we have handled cases with horrifying injuries caused by boating accidents and have obtained compensation for injury victims and their families.  In many cases boating accidents are caused by someone else’s negligence: inattention, speeding, drunk

QTMG LLP Launches New Website

QTMG Website Launch

Ottawa, Ontario February 9, 2021… Quinn, Thiele, Mineault, and Grodzki LLP (QTMG) announce the launch of the firm’s new website at The site serves as a valuable resource for clients and prospective clients and provides information about QTMG’s personal injury legal services. Visitors can learn about the firm’s services to victims of auto accidents,

Cannabis Landlord Tenant


In the spirit of getting on the cannabis bandwagon and joining in with comments about how legalization is going to change the landlord and tenant law landscape I want to make the comment: “relax, the sky is not falling, and it will be fine”. Landlords and tenants can take comfort in knowing that their homes

WSIAT and the Mistake of Claiming to be an Independent Contractor

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Generally, when a person is injured while working, they are barred from suing any Schedule 1 Employer for an injury that occurred in the chorus of their employment. In order to bar a worker from suing, many defendants bring what’s known as a “right to application”. This results in a tribunal to determine whether or

License suspensions mulled for distracted driving in Ontario

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The Ontario government plans on introducing a number of stiffer penalties for dangerous drivers, especially for distracted drivers and drivers whose carelessness results in bodily harm or death. According to the Globe and Mail, the new penalties would include license suspensions for distracted driving and a new charge of careless driving causing death or bodily

Family Law Act

Family Law Act

Family is the most important unit in society ― people depend on their family members for emotional, financial and physical support. Losing a close family member is devastating enough, but when this happens because of someone else’s negligence, those left behind can feel anger and resentment toward the person responsible as well. Relatives may feel

Boating Insurance Coverage

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As the weather warms, Ontarians prepare to enjoy everything summer has to offer: swimming, kayaking, cottaging and the ever-popular boating. However, before taking your family members out for a cruise on the Ottawa River or one of our province’s many lakes, ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage which will protect you from liability in