Self-Employed? How an Ottawa Injury Lawyer Can Help

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Tips on How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist in Tough Times

As many of us know, accidents don’t discriminate: they can happen in a fraction of a second to anyone, whether they are young or old, attentive or momentarily-distracted, self-employed or not.

Of course, most types of personal injuries will have serious effects on how we earn our income. For example, will your workplace insurance cover the cost of your treatment? Will you need to take time off work to heal and be compensated monetarily during that time? Will you have the means to re-train in a different field if necessary?

It is important to know that when you are self-employed and become injured, things can get even more complicated in terms of receiving an income while you are incapable of working. Settling injury compensation in your favour will almost always involve a personal injury lawyer, which is why many self-employed workers (especially those who have a physically demanding career) retain the services of such specialized lawyers early on in their careers.

Indeed, having an Ottawa injury lawyer at your side before an accident happens could save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long-run. Furthermore, they are the experts to contact immediately after your accident happens as well.

For example, a personal injury lawyer is qualified to counsel you on provisions you could insert in your contract which will protect you while you are working on other people’s property.

But as many self-employed men or women might tell you, you don’t need to be working on someone else’s property on a regular basis to require the assistance legal counsel to protect your hard earned income and savings.
An increasing number of self-employed individuals can be found in the creative industries of music, writing, graphic or web design. If you are an independent professional working in any of these categories, what would happen to you if you were hit by a car? This might seem outlandish to some, but it is a true story which happened in Ottawa many years ago.

If this were you, thanks to an Ottawa injury lawyer, you might have been able to regain control of your income so that your only worry would have been to regain your health and energy.

Worrying about how we will financially survive a personal injury is the last thing we should have to do when we are physically incapacitated for a short or longer period of time. Let your personal injury lawyer do the heavy work!