Useful Tips from Ottawa Lawyers

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How do you determine fault in a car accident?

One of the most stressful things in life is being involved in a car accident. When the accident occurs there are a lot of things that can run through your mind after you’ve established that everyone is okay: should you hire an Ottawa lawyer; what will this do to my insurance rates; will you be able to continue working? A car accident can affect so many areas of your life and the lives of those around you, so it’s no wonder we worry about them. This is why you’ll want an Ottawa lawyer at your side at all times through the ordeal. A reputable lawyer can use their expertise to help you streamline the process, liaise between you and the insurance company and help you get a settlement you deserve.

Here are some tips straight from Ottawa lawyers on how you can determine fault in the event of a car accident:

1. Observe any broken laws -Any Ottawa lawyer will tell you that in the case of a car accident, anyone breaking the law will likely be held at fault. So it’s a good idea to take note of any laws that you think may have been broken. Observe whether the police are handing out any tickets or citations. That’s usually a good indication of who is ultimately at fault in the accident.

2. Use your phone camera – Your phone is just one of many distractions when you’re driving. But photographic and video evidence can often be some of the most compelling and reliable evidence there is. If you are able to, it’s a good idea to take pictures of everything around the accident. It’ll be a good reference point for the future when you need to review the details of the accident and they can help establish what happened and the extent of any damages.

3. Record any comments – Your memory of any event is most accurate right after it has occurred. This is a great time to use your cell phone and record any comments from drivers and witnesses that are present. Your lawyer also may utilize one driver’s inadvertent admission of guilt after the accident.

Any of these tips will be extremely helpful aids when you hire an accident lawyer and they need to determine fault. Whether the fault lies with your or another driver involved, the more information an accident injury lawyer has to work with, the more they can do to get you a positive outcome.