What Can I Expect From a Personal Injury Claim?

What Can I Expect From a Personal Injury Claim?

Regardless of what you see in the movies, most lawsuits are boring and tedious, with hundreds of details that must be dealt with before you may see a resolution. Most people aren’t familiar with the steps and complexities involved with personal injury claims. Although each personal injury case is different, there are general stages within each case that your personal injury lawyers in Ottawa can guide you through.  

Typical Steps in a Personal Injury Lawsuit  

If you are injured through someone’s negligence, the first step is to get medical treatment. Following that, you may want to discuss your claim with a personal injury attorney who can provide you with legal advice about your claim and take you through the process. Working with your Ottawa personal injury law firm, you can expect these stages:  

  • Your attorney will need to gather evidence that supports your claim. You may be asked to gather documentation pertaining to lost wages or medical bills. Your attorney may send you to experts for exams and assessments.  
  • Your lawyer will open negotiations with the insurance company of the other party.  
  • Your case may settle out of court. Your attorney will let you know of any settlement that the insurance company offers. You decide whether you want to accept or not.  
  • Filing a lawsuit in court if you cannot reach a settlement.  
  • Waiting as the case progresses through the pretrial phases.  
  • The case may go to mediation before you have an actual trial.  
  • The trial and verdict.  

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Ottawa  

Personal injury law is complex. Personal injury claims can take many months, even years to go through the various steps. Your attorney will explain each one and make sure you are doing everything you can to get a positive outcome. Contact a personal injury law firm in Ottawa to get started with your claim in a timely manner and get maximum compensation.