What Your Accident Lawyers in Ottawa Want You to Know About

What Your Accident Lawyers in Ottawa Want You to Know

If you are the victim of personal injury due to an auto accident or other incident, it’s important to know your rights. With the help of a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa, you can better understand the complex laws set up to deal with personal injuries. A reputable personal injury law firm in Ottawa can provide the legal advice and guidance needed to receive the appropriate compensation.  

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 Car Accidents 

If you get into an accident due to the negligence of another driver, you may suffer a number of injuries such as the following: 

Soft tissue injuries and whiplash 

  • Fractures 
  • Concussions 
  • Traumatic head injuries 
  • Back injuries 
  • Sprains and strains 
  • And many more 

Familiarize yourself with the steps you should take following an accident to improve your case. This includes taking pictures, documenting the order of events, and getting the name and contact information of potential witnesses. It’s also a good idea to talk to a personal injury attorney prior to talking to your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. 

Slip and Fall Accidents 

In Ontario, slip and fall accidents fall under premises liability claims. These laws state that property owners must maintain their premises. Therefore, it’s likely that a property owner who failed to clear their sidewalk or dry the floors inside their business premises could be held liable if their negligence causes you to slip and fall. 

Dog Bites 

Let’s say you were out walking and your neighbour passes by with their dog. Out of nowhere, the dog bites you “without provocation.” You stand a pretty good chance of recovering damages in a court case with the right accident lawyers in Ottawa

Cyclist Accidents 

Our law firm has experience representing cyclists injured in an accident with a motor vehicle. If you have suffered cyclist accident injuries and your insurance company is giving you the runaround, contact our office today. There’s no doubt that bicycle accident cases become complicated quickly. They often involve several parties. Cyclists are commonly injured when struck by a moving vehicle or when a driver in a parked car opens the door, failing to see a cyclist in the roadway. These incidents can result in numerous types of injuries from cuts, fractures, and abrasion to psychological challenges such as PTSD. We hire experts to evaluate your injuries. Then, our lawyers focus on getting you the best outcome.  

Boat Accidents 

Boat accidents can result in debilitating injuries, even death due to drowning. If you are a boat accident victim, you might not know your rights under the law. Let our experienced attorneys guide you through this difficult time and help you recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses related to your injuries. 

Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrian accidents are more common than you might think. Sometimes, they can be quite severe. In a split second, your life can change forever. If a negligent driver fails to see you in a crosswalk and hits you, the burden of proof falls on the motor vehicle driver. So, if you were walking along the sidewalk or near the roadway and a car hit you, you deserve full compensation for your injuries. 

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Bus Accidents 

If your injury resulted from the negligence of a public transit driver, you can make a claim against the city. This works differently than merely filing a claim with your insurance agency. Working with an accident attorney can help ensure that you don’t miss any important steps and gives you the best chance of receiving reimbursement for your medical bills and other losses associated with bus accident injuries.  

Let us guide you through the process if your injuries occurred while you were: 

  • A local public transit passenger 
  • Hit as a pedestrian by the local public transit 
  • Riding a bike or motorcycle 
  • Driving a motor vehicle 

Motorcycle Accidents 

In Ontario, drivers are required to carry standard auto insurance that includes Statutory Accident Benefits. The Ontario Insurance Act enumerates what accident benefits you may be eligible for. They also determine the maximum payout. It covers drivers and passengers, but it also covers motorists with up-to-date insurance. In order to qualify, you have to report the accident within seven days. Your insurer will send you the Application for Benefits, giving you 30 days to complete it. It’s a good idea to meet with one of our attorneys for advice on completing the application. 

Snowmobile Accidents 

It’s important to follow snowmobile safety regulations while blazing new trails through crisp snowfall. Here are some of the questions we’ll ask as part of your case evaluation: 

  • Did you or another snowmobile driver make any errors?  
  • Were you carrying a permit and proof of insurance? 
  • Did you use the appropriate safety equipment to protect you and your riders?  
  • Were you or anyone else involved under the influence of alcohol or another substance? 
  • Did either of the snowmobiles have manufacturing defects? 

Accident Benefits 

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle collision? Do you know that you may have access to accident benefits? That’s true no matter who caused the accident. Our firm can guide you through the process of applying for accident benefits through your insurer. 

We handle accident cases for clients in Ottawa and throughout Ontario. Winning accident benefits can get you the medical help that you need. This may include physiotherapist, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, surgeons, and other medical specialists who can help expedite your recovery. 

Contact our firm today to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa about your accident case. We will provide an honest assessment of your rights and potential expectations. Most importantly, our lawyers represent your interests, not those of the insurance company or other party!