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How Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa Can Help You Navigate Statutes of Limitations

Have you ever been involved in an accident -no matter how big or how small- after which you did not seek medical treatment immediately? Of course, we are sometimes the best judge of how hard the impact was and in certain cases, we are left with more fear than actual damage when it comes to minor vehicle accidents.

However, a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa can tell you that often, drivers and passengers who are involved directly or indirectly in serious car accidents fail to seek medical treatment if they feel they are not in immediate pain.

This brings into question the notion of statutes of limitations, which could mean the difference between receiving compensation after your accident, and being left to fend for yourself after an injury surfaces months or even years afterwards.

So what exactly is a statute of limitation? Simply put, it is the limit of time after an accident when you are within your rights to file a complaint against the party you believe was a fault-whether it is the city in which you live, another driver or a home-owner.

For example, if you cross a busy street and you trip in a pothole and slightly injuring your wrist as a result, you only have a set limit of time to make your grievance known to the relevant authorities. For the record, it is also very important to note that municipalities often have a very short window of time during which you can effectively file a complaint against their services or administration.

If that wasn’t complicated enough, every municipality has varying statutes of limitations which can cause significant confusion when a simple injury has gotten worse over the weeks or months, and might even interfere with your ability to function properly or earn an income to support yourself and your family.

For this reason, any personal injury lawyer will advise you to consult a legal professional when you believe you might have been injured in the course of a car accident, slip-and-fall or another type of unfortunate incident.
Your personal injury lawyer is the best person to help you navigate the tricky waters of filing medical reports, gathering documentation and speaking with your insurance company when a small injury may lead to an unexpected health concern later on.

If you have been in involved in a car accident, contact your personal injury lawyer in Ottawa in order to sleep better tonight-knowing you’re in the hands of the legal timing experts!