Will my personal injury case go to trial?

Will my personal injury case go to trial

While anyone contemplating bringing a claim for injuries sustained might worry about “going to trial”, it is very likely a fool’s errand to wonder about this question at the start of a case. There are far too many variables in every personal injury case to be able to know if a case will go to trial. That being said, the vast majority of civil cases do not go to trial.   

For many people the idea of going to trial is a stressful thing to contemplate. A lot of people would find that simply going to see an accident lawyer in Ottawa is stressful enough. They can’t even contemplate the worry and stress involved with going to a courtroom, being called to the stand to testify, and then to be cross-examined. The idea of having to speak in public, being asked difficult questions, and being grilled by another personal injury lawyer is not most people’s idea of a fun day. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to go to trial for justice to be done. While a defendant should perhaps settle a claim, or an insurer should recognize the extent and severity of an injury, the reality is that parties can, in good faith, have different views and opinions about injuries, damages, recovery, and the impacts on a person’s life.   When the lawyers for the opposing sides cannot agree then a trial is sometimes unavoidable. 

Extensive preparation for a personal injury case, may mean that a trial won’t be necessary 

Fortunately, most cases do not have to proceed to trial if the hard work is done properly and early on. In cases where insurers are responding to claims and are fighting against an injury victim’s demand for compensation, it is the job of QTMG LLP’s accident lawyers in Ottawa to present your case in such a way that the extent and severity of your injuries are obvious and clear. Even though the work that goes into properly preparing a case for trial is extensive, it is necessary to do so. Only by taking every case very seriously is it more likely that a trial will be unnecessary. The lawyers at QTMG LLP gather all the necessary expert reports and other evidence to support their client’s claims of negligence, injuries, damages and further demonstrate the severity of the injuries sustained. Most defendants, most insurers, and most defense lawyers see the risk and liability and it is then obvious that the personal injury lawyers in Ottawa at QTMG LLP are prepared to take every step to prove all that is needed for the injury victim to be fully compensated. With so much preparation, it often becomes possible to resolve and settle cases fairly. 

Whether your case proceeds to trial, or settles, remains a decision that you, as the plaintiff and client, remain in control of. You are given all the options and a risk assessment for each of them so that you can make a fully informed decision about your case.