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Don’t Slip Up–Call an Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer

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Icy Sidewalks and Slippery Steps Are the Principal Hazard of Winter in the Nation’s Capital Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and the shock of an injury might make it difficult to think straight about what your next step should be. The winter months coat our city in ice, slush, and snow, increasing the

Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyer: Steps to Take

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What Do You Do after a Dog Bite? An Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyer Offers Answers Dog ownership is both a tremendous joy, and an equally big responsibility. This extends into the law itself, with Ontario’s Dog Owners’ Liability Act that makes dog owners liable for any and all injury or damage caused by their beloved

How Ottawa Law Firms Resolve Negligence Cases

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Law Firms Know Where You Stand In Civil Disputes Involving Tort Claims Consider the following example. A young professional tennis instructor comes home from work after a long and exhausting day. She has worked well over nine hours and is looking forward to some much needed rest. She drives up and parks in her driveway,

An Ottawa Injury Lawyer Explains Duty of Care

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Making Sense of the Ontario Occupiers’ Liability Act and How It Affects You In cases of criminal negligence and liability, everything can potentially hinge on one factor, and that is the duty of care. This is a duty owed by the occupier of a premises to any person who enters that premises. In such cases,

Advice from Ottawa Car Accident Lawyers

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Know the Steps, from Contacting Emergency Services to Consulting a Car Accident Lawyer in Ottawa No one plans on being in an accident-but everyone should plan for the possibility that it could happen to them. This kind of forethought could make a world of difference in what follows your accident, from recovery, to the inevitable

Hiring an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer: What to

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Common Steps in a Personal Injury Case It’s never pleasant to imagine suffering a personal injury; however, in the unfortunate case that one occurs, it’s important to know you have the option of hiring an Ottawa personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for your injury. Though every personal injury case is innately unique, here are

Product Liability: Ottawa Lawyers Detail Your Options

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When Defective Products Cause Harm Purchasing any kind of product brings about an inherent risk on the purchaser’s behalf: will the product work as intended? Will it last as long as it should? For the most part, customers can be fairly certain that the product they are purchasing will perform admirably and that they will

When to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa

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A single moment can change your life in profound ways. An accident or injury can leave you unable to perform your job that once provided for you, permanently reduce your enjoyment of life, or cause you intense psychological distress. Such an event can alter your life forever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some

Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyers on the Key to Responsible

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As a Responsible Dog Owner, Always Keep Dog Bite Liability in Ontario in Mind Taking the leap to become a dog owner can turn feelings of anxious excitement into full blown joy once one gets to learn about and fall in love with their furry friend. There are few things in life that bring more

Components of a Premises Liability Case

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How an Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer can help you take legal action If you have suffered an injury due to poor property management or other consequences of an unsafe environment, an Ottawa slip and fall lawyer can help you get compensation. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist you in assembling what is known as a