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Ottawa Lawyers Discuss Product Liability

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Who’s Responsible for Product Defects? Ottawa Lawyers Weigh In Buying a defective product is surely disappointing, but buying a defective product that causes harm is much worse. But who exactly is responsible for these defects? And when should you take legal action? In Ottawa, lawyers see many types of personal injury cases every year, including

An Ottawa Injury Lawyer Explains: Compensation vs

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Can You Get Compensation for an Injury Without Suing? Here’s What an Ottawa Injury Lawyer Has to Say When you’ve been injured, you want to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve, but suing a person or company is not always necessary or even possible. An Ottawa injury lawyer will be able to advise

An Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyer’s Advice on Dog Bites

Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyer

An Ottawa Lawyer Weighs in on the Important Steps You Should Take When it Comes to Dog Bites Your dog is a member of your family. He plays well with your children, is gentle and loving to guests who pay you a visit, and would never hurt a fly…until one day he does. You know

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers Tackle Bullying

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers Tackle Bullying

Know Your Child’s Rights and When to Contact an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer The negative effects of bullying can be felt deeply and profoundly by anyone who has been continually tormented by their peers, and this is no different in the education system. People who are frequently bullied may experience depression, anxiety, severe distress, and

Had a Car Accident in Ottawa, Now What?

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Car accidents happen daily in Ottawa (Ontario) and often cause personal injury, prolonged pain, and lasting post-accident stress. With jobs, family time, and enjoyment of life on the line, one has to remember that the only way to get full compensation, is to have a professional accident and personal injury lawyer represent the case. However,

Turn to an Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer after a Truck

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Ottawa Car Accident Lawyers Work Hard to Ensure That You Are Compensated Fairly and Fully Living in a large city like Ottawa, there is always traffic, with a mix of different types of vehicles always on the roads. Large transport vehicles can be found cruising down the Trans-Canada Highway at high speeds, or even on

An Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer’s Advice for Slips and

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If You’ve Been Injured at a Public or Private Pool, an Ottawa Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help Personal injuries can occur at any time, without warning, and some of the most common types are slips, trips, and falls. With summer finally here, that means swimming season is here too. There’s nothing quite like a

Ottawa Law Firms Weigh in on Dog Bite Law in Ontario

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What Every Owner Should Know When you make the decision to get a dog, you’re doing more than just acquiring a pet. Not only do these furry friends quickly become beloved members of the family – they’re also a big responsibility. If you’re one of an estimated 32% of Canadian households who own a dog,

Self-Employed? How an Ottawa Injury Lawyer Can Help

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Tips on How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist in Tough Times As many of us know, accidents don’t discriminate: they can happen in a fraction of a second to anyone, whether they are young or old, attentive or momentarily-distracted, self-employed or not. Of course, most types of personal injuries will have serious effects on

Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries

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An accident lawyer sees many workplace accidents, from many different occupations and of many different varieties. Some of these accidents and injuries arise from unforeseen circumstances, where little could have been done to prevent them. Many accidents, however, are avoidable. In Canada alone, workplace injuries have fallen from 50 injuries per 1,000 workers in 1987